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We believe that imparting quality education is a public service and it can not be performed in accordance with its spirit if pick and choose is the governing principle. It is our strong faith that every individual is born with certain promising potentials and it remains to the teachers and the centers for learning how to channelize those potentials so that a student could become conscious of his constructive self.

We aim at awakening and guiding to the goal, the dormant talents of our students. We do not discourage or encourage any student merely on the basis of certification of qualification; rather we try to explore the hidden qualities of students. For this purpose the college has decided to conduct interviews of students and thereby learn what, in deed, are their academic inclinations. The insight into the potentials and academic aptitude shall help the college authorities counsel the students for making a wise and pragmatic decision.

It shall be our guiding principle that though diversity in a class is itself a profitable character, we favour more uniformity on the basis of talent, caliber and aptitude of students because it will help create conducive learning environment in a class room; therefore a teacher could give his best to the students. The interview committee and the board of academics affairs shall give their final verdict as to offering admission to certain candidates in various disciplines.