admissionAdmission Policy

We believe that imparting quality education is a public service and it can not be performed in accordance with its spirit if pick and choose is the governing principle. It is our strong faith that every individual is born with certain promising potentials and it remains to the teachers and the centers for learning how to channelize those potentials so that a student could become conscious of his constructive self. We aim at awakening and guiding to the goal, the dormant talents of our students. We do not discourage or encourage any student merely on the basis of certification of qualification; rather we try to explore the hidden qualities of students. For this purpose the college has decided to conduct interviews of students and thereby learn what, in deed, are their academic inclinations. The insight into the potentials and academic aptitude shall help the college authorities counsel the students for making a wise and pragmatic decision.
It shall be our guiding principle that though diversity in a class is itself a profitable character, we favour more uniformity on the basis of talent, caliber and aptitude of students because it will help create conducive learning environment in a class room; therefore a teacher could give his best to the students. The interview committee and the board of academics affairs shall give their final verdict as to offering admission to certain candidates in various disciplines.

The College emphasizes the better education of the students, so it is necessary to follow the discipline & general rules of the institution, which are as under:
1. Without prior permission of the Principal, no student is allowed to paste, exhibit, prepare or distribute any poster, leaflet, notice, pamphlet or handbill in the college premises.
2. The students must show due respect to the teaching and other staff and the fellow students.
3. The students desirous of having an approach to the Tutor/Principal must do so individually.
4. The students are forbidden to contact any higher authority directly.
5. Any communication intended for any higher authority must be submitted to the Principal, who may like to put it forward. Anybody aggrieved of any happening in the college, shall lodge a complaint to the Principal or any designated person thereof, but not to any outside authority unless the Principal permits him/her to do so.
6. Smoking in the college premises is strictly prohibited.
7. The decision of the Principal shall in all cases be final and he has discretionary powers to relax any rule.
8. Every student of the college is required to be punctual in the class
9. The name of a student will be struck off in case of absence for 10 days (excluding holidays). Re-admission is possible within next 15 days, provided the explanation submitted is found satisfactory.
10. No student is allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of his/her teacher or until the class is over.
11. A student coming late into the classroom will be marked absent unless his/her excuse is accepted by the teacher.
12. Any student found guilty of misbehaviour in the class or within college premises shall face a strict disciplinary action.
13. A fine of Rs.20/- per day shall be imposed for all absentees without proper application for leave. A fine of Rs. 100/- per paper will be imposed if a student absents himself/herself from the examination conducted by the college.
14. Any political or immoral activity is strictly prohibited in or around the college premises.
15. Fee once paid shall not be refunded.
16. Use of cellular mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the college premises.
17. Private telephone calls of the students will not be entertained. However, an emergency message can be conveyed.
18. College authorities reserve the right to revise class schedule and re-arrange the classes any time.
19. The College will not be responsible for any loss of a mail or valuables sent to a student at college address.
20. Students must display college ID Cards on their chests throughout their stay in the college campus/permises and also at the college functions in or outside the college.
21. Students are required to wear the prescribed uniform while attending college.
22. The college students, while parking their bikes/motor cars are required to put proper lock to them. College Administration shall not be responsible for any loss on this account.
23. Any false information on the application form may render the student liable to expulsion from the college.
24. Any fee concession/prize/scholarship is only at the discretion of the college administration and can be withdrawn at any time.
25. Library cards will be issued to those students only, who deposit Rs:500/- (refundable) as security
26. The college reserves the right to make, amend and introduce any rule as and when deemed appropriate.

Secondary School 1st Annual Examination by the Fedral Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad, & all Intermediate and Secondary Education boards of Punjab.
Admission to B.Com/B.Sc. Part-I starts after the declaration of the results of Intermediate and D.Com Annual Examination.
A candidate seeking admission is required to attach the following attested copies to his admission form appended at the end of this prospectus.
1. Two attested copies of Matriculation or equivalent certificate.
2. Two attested copies of Intermediate or equivalent certificate.
3. Two attested copies of Bachelor or equivalent certificate.
4. One attested copy of Character Certificate.
5. Four latest photographs of the size of an I.D Card, with sky blue background.
6. Two attested copies of Computerized National Identity Card of Father/Guardian or of the candidate himself.
7. Original Migration Certificate from a student passing his/her Intermediate Examination from a board outside the territorial jurisdiction of the FBISE, Islamabad.
Admission is open for male/female students who fulfil the required terms and conditions.
Admission will be granted on qualifying written/oral test or both.
Copies of certificates and photographs will not be returned if admission is refused.
Admission is liable to be cancelled if the student fails to pay his/her dues and required documents within the prescribed time.
Students as per rules are promoted to the next class just after the completion of Board/University Examination. In this connection, they are required to get themselves enrolled for the next class by depositing the college dues as prescribed by the college administration immediately after the exam.
Dues once deposited are not refundable.
Admission form must be filled in by the candidate in his/her own hand writing.
The College reserves the right to withhold the Board/University Examination forms on account of student’s poor attendance or failure in the college send-up examination.